Business Intelligence Tools Make Software Better

Business Intelligence Tools Make Software Better

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Enhancing Software with Business Intelligence Tools

Do you find it difficult to gather information from multiple sources in your role as a data analyst? Do you find it difficult to sort information into useful categories? Do you spend lots of time by hand making reports? Is that the case? If so, a business intelligence tool can help make your life easier.

Instead of spending hours gathering data and generating reports, you can save time and effort with business intelligence software that pulls data from multiple sources and supports automation. Because business intelligence tools streamline data preparation, you can have more faith in your analysis results and use them to make pivotal business decisions.

Business Intelligence Tools Make Software Better

Business intelligenceTools That Are Worth Investing In

1. Superior Reporting; Email Notifications When New Reports Are Ready

Data from multiple apps can be analyzed with ease using Better Reports. The data from your connected apps will be automatically imported into this tool for further analysis. Quick Books, Google Sheets, Stripe, PayPal, and Salesforce are just some of the apps that can be integrated with this platform.

For your convenience, this data analysis tool comes with over a hundred pre-designed report templates. The tool also has a drag-and-drop report builder where you can make your own unique reports in the form of charts and pivot tables.

With Better Reports, you can have reports created and sent to you mechanically. Making a plan for how often you’ll report on things (every day, every week, or every month) is essential. You can have the business intelligence tool generate reports and send them to your inbox or a spreadsheet in Google Drive.

2. Convirza It uses artificial intelligence to analyze conversations

Calls can be monitored and analyzed with Convirza. To see which of your advertising efforts are producing leads, you can give out unique tracking numbers for each of them. This call management system utilizes IVR to route incoming calls (IVR).

Convirza is an AI-powered tool for recording, transcribing, and analyzing conversations in real time, allowing you to monitor the success of your campaigns, the quality of your leads, and the proficiency of your agents. It analyzes the call to determine the caller’s mood based on the words and phrases used.

3. party business intelligence (BI) tools can be integrated into an electronic content management system

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools are built into eCMS, an ERP system designed specifically for the construction industry. It can help you keep track of things like project costs, worker productivity, equipment utilization, resource needs, and more by analyzing data and producing reports.

A personal dashboard with editable fields for a more tailored view and interactive data inquiry tools in graphical format are at your disposal with this program. Information can be exported to a variety of file formats, including Excel, CSV, and XML.

Integrating eCMS with other business intelligence platforms like Cognos, Tableau, BusinessObjects, and Crystal Reports is a great way to expand the functionality of your current toolkit.

4. the primary APM enhances the user experience by constantly keeping an eye on how the site is performing.

As a digital experience monitoring, analytics, and automation platform, germain APM is geared toward bettering the user’s digital journey. The system generates an interactive dashboard that tracks business operations across teams. This dashboard provides information about those processes, letting you spot snags caused by things like a lack of trained personnel, disorganized procedures, and more.

End-users of web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and on-premise applications can all benefit from the tool’s monitoring functionality, which allows them to have a better experience overall. It keeps tabs on user sessions, records them, and lets you play back the recordings later.

Website monitoring in germain APM not only provides insights into visitor behavior but also identifies non-responsive pages and broken links, both of which contribute to a better overall user experience. The tool helps save money on repairs by spotting and warning of such problems.

5. Expand: Allows for Code-Free Data Transforming

Grow is a reporting and analytics tool for businesses. To import large amounts of data from various sources, you can simply connect to them. This business intelligence solution can be integrated with a wide variety of platforms, including but not limited to Salesforce, Shopify, Asana, Google Ads, and HubSpot.

Grow uses no-code technology to let people with little to no coding experience process raw data and get it ready for analytics. Data can be filtered and grouped, calculations can be made, columns can be renamed, and summary statistics can be generated, among other things.

Moreover, you can customize the tool’s insight presentation to meet your needs. You can construct your own view of the data, or look at it in a bar chart, pie chart, table, or any other predefined chart type.

6. Matomo facilitates detailed user profiling

Matomo is a free and open-source analytics tool for websites and mobile apps that can be used to implement tracking codes. You can track the success of your marketing initiatives, learn more about your visitors, and improve your ability to convert them into customers by analyzing this information.

Features like session recordings and A/B testing can help you analyze user behavior in detail. It also provides heat maps, which are visual representations of how far down a page a user has scrolled and where they clicked.

Moreover, Matomo’s visitor profiles function aids in analyzing each user’s actions. A user’s entire history on your site, including every click, view, and interaction, is available for your perusal.

7. Northspyre: It automatically monitors trends and identifies areas for improvement

Northspyre is a software platform for commercial real estate that includes data analytics tools. The contracts, proposals, change orders, potential costs, and other project-related documents can be indexed for easy tracking of project progress and status.

You can evaluate your vendors’ past performance by looking at their historical data, which this tool also provides. Pricing and vendor selection are just two examples of the kinds of trends that can be examined in order to better inform future choices.

Northspyre can be set up to automatically identify optimization opportunities by monitoring data trends. Using historical information, you can estimate the potential financial impact of unforeseen expenses on your company.

8. Phocas Analytics : offers many options for teamwork

Business intelligence and data analysis are made possible with Phocas Analytics. Data from enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and accounts payable and receivable (AP/AR) systems can be combined for use in statistical and forecasting studies.

This data analytics tool allows you to drill down into information by separating it into distinct sections based on factors such as customer type, date range, sales representative, etc. Employing data visualization tools like charts and graphics can help make data more digestible.

You can work together with your team by sending them your dashboards and reports via email using this app. To make sure the right people have access to the right data, you can also tag teammates, invite them to collaborate, or modify permissions.

Phocas Analytics is a business intelligence platform accessible on the web and mobile platforms like Android and iOS. You can contact customer service via phone, email, live chat, or even the product’s own knowledge base!

9. Two-Minute Reports: Automated Data Sharing

The Google Sheets add-on is known as Two Minute Reports. Instagram Insights, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, Amazon Sellers, Facebook Ads, and more can all be accessed with this tool.

Schedule data imports into Google Sheets and send out reports as PDF or Excel attachments with the help of this handy tool. Advertisement metrics, search engine optimization data, online store sales, web analytics, operational metrics, and more can all be tracked with this handy software.

The web-based business intelligence tool Two Minute Reports. A knowledge base and frequently asked questions are provided for assistance.

10. UpMetrics : Allows Online Surveys in Real Time

Data from a variety of sources, including government records, grantee reports, and survey results, can be compiled in a single location with the help of UpMetrics, a data analysis and management platform. Data can be analyzed in real-time with this tool, with the help of visual analytics.

Using personalized dashboards, you can monitor your progress toward your objectives and keep your stakeholders up-to-date in real time. Using this app, you can send out surveys optimized for mobile devices, collect responses in real time, and update visualizations accordingly.

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